Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaline water ionizer is an appliance that is designed to filter and ionize the water. Water being the elixir of life, the quality of water that is being consumed tops the priority. A water ionizer segregates water into alkaline and acidic forms. The process that is used to segregate water is known as electrolysis.

The process of electrolysis takes place in a chamber that is divided into two compartments called diaphragm or membrane. One compartment in the electrolysis chamber contains the positive electrode and the other side has the negative electrodes. The water is made to flow with a high ORP and the other with low ORP. The minerals in the water are rearranged according to the electrical charge.

There are many manufacturers who are into manufacturing alkaline water ionizers. Finding a best water ionizer is not easy due to the availability of many brands available in the market. The plate design inside the alkaline water ionizer is considered to be the important factor in choosing an ionizer. Generally alkaline water ionizers are designed to have low cost titanium along with few other fragile metals. These metals tend to break down easily as soon as the water and the electricity come in contact.

It is always highly recommended to buy an alkaline water ionizer which is constructed using high quality titanium, which are cut into sheets and sprayed using platinum and other metals. Though titanium is considered to be a heavy metal, sudden break down of the metal will increase the toxins in the water. It is always better to look out for an alkaline water ionizer that is constructed with quality material. The machine should be constructed using high quality titanium plates, dipped in heavily coated medical grade platinum.

Only these kinds of alkaline water ionizers will be able to treat even the hard water and improve it to drinking quality. However ionizers constructed using high quality titanium plates, dipped in heavily coated medical grade platinum will have higher price than usual. This is because one ounce of medical grade platinum costs higher than other metals.

As the people are growing cautious about their health, it is always better to know about the benefits of drinking water. A recent survey has revealed that many people have experienced drastic improvements from chronic pains, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, elevated cholesterol, cancer etc. It is also found that drinking ionized water not only detoxify the system but also helps in carrying oxygen to the cells and supplies necessary vitamins and minerals to the healthy cells in the body. It is also said that drinking ionized water tend to slow down the aging process and Japanese sports team uses ionized water to improve their performance.

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Body Acid Alkaline Balance

Alkaline Body Cook Book

The human body is a complex balance to maintain. There are many functions being carried out simultaneously. But for all these functions to be carried out smoothly one basic requirement is necessary. The ph of the body should be ideally at an alkaline 7.4. If this ph gets tilts towards the acid side then the consequences are disastrous. The body’s acid alkaline balance is a must for the immune system to fight diseases as well as cell degeneration for be prevented.

The acid alkaline balance in the body is at a ratio of ideally 1 is to 4. Where for every one part of acid there are four alkaline parts. This can be easily maintained by eating foods in a similar acid alkaline ratio. We should make sure that about 80 % of our food intake is alkaline in nature while only 20 % of the total food intake is acidic. When we start to consume more of acidic foods our body ph tilts towards the acid side. As soon as this happens cell degeneration starts and the immune system gets weakened. Immediately the acid alkaline balance of the body gets altered. Not only does the body feel fatigued all the time but also becomes a target of various kinds of diseases like arthritis, osteoporoses and even cancer. The human body cells are naturally round in shape and red in color but this when the ph of the body becomes acidic these blood cells become off color as well as loose their shape. Needless to say this causes serious problems. These cells also change their polarity which is normally negative and become positive and so start to stick to the walls of the arteries causing them to clog. The result is coronary diseases. If the natural acid alkaline balance of the body is tampered with serious consequences arise.

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Alkaline Body Balance

Alkaline Body Cook Book
Day in and day out more and more people are experiencing various health nuances which they ignore and simply shrug off as minor setbacks. Individuals working 8 hours or more per day are often prone to health nuances such as aches and pains, colds, flu, headaches and something as simple as sluggishness often believe that these irritants are simply attributed by the amount of work they clock in their daily taxing lives some however simply believe that aging is to blame. While there can be some little truths to aging as being the culprit this however cannot always be the reason especially for persons who are relatively young. Researches and studies have shown individuals as young as 30 years of age claim to get a full night of sleep and yet are unable to rouse themselves of their lethargic phase. For some no amount of medication is able to fully rid them of their colds or health concern. Trouble is people are looking into the wrong suspects, while aging and work may contribute to some health concerns the main culprit lies in a person’s diet or eating habits.

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Use pH Test Strips to Keep your Body Alkaline

Many doctors, nutritionists, herbalists, dietitians and the like believe that the cause of diseases can be summed up in a few words, two words to be exact. pH imbalance. the measure of acidity of a solution is the most concise definition of what a pH is. The p in pH stands for Potenz a German word meaning “Power” however others argue that it stands for “Potential” one thing is for sure though that the H refers to hydrogen. pH therefore means “power of hydrogen”.

An unblanced pH leads the body to borrow the missing minerals from the body’s reserves. Such minerals are magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium which are stored and noramlly found in vital organs and bones. Alkaline body balance can be restored by proper diet and the aid of supplements that will encourage or replace lost minerals. Acidosis or acidity can affect a person in different ways, brittle bones, hormonal problems, osteoporosis, diabetese, obesity, yeast or fungal infections, low energy levels or sluggishness, slow digestions, joint pain and muscle pain are just some results of an imbalance.

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Acid Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Body Cook Book

Acid Alkaline Diets can be very effective. These diets are not only known to help you lose weight but they can dramatically increase your immune system. People who have an alkaline body in nature are known to get sick less often, and be much more healthy all around.

People ask what is an Acid Alkaline Diet? It is basically a diet where you eat balanced foods. This means you eat alkaline foods, and acidic foods, and create a equal balance in the bodies pH level. There are tons of products out there that help you remain slightly alkaline. If your body is alkaline in nature you can lose weight, and FAST. This diet is no joke and is only intended for people who want to loose serious weight.

There is a food chart on here that shows which foods are alkaline and which are not. You might want to take a look if you are serious about your weight loss.

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